Caroline Debs


I begin work at LinkedIn in August 2018 as a full-time User Experience Researcher. I was previously a User Experience Research intern at LinkedIn during the summer of 2017. You can read more about my intern experience here.



I graduated from Stanford University in June 2018. I studied Symbolic Systems, which is a unique mixture of Computer Science, Philosophy, Psychology, and Linguistics. I decided to focus on how people interact with technology today and concentrated in Human-Computer Interaction.

In college, I discovered my love for art and thus minored in Art Practice, where I was exposed to both the creation of art and the history of Western art. Museum-going and drawing have become my favorite pastimes as a result. 

I most definitely took advantage of the opportunities to travel abroad while in college, studying in Edinburgh, Beijing, and Oxford.


Los Gatos, CA


I am a Los Gatos native who has been commuting to and residing in Palo Alto for the past 8 years. For high school, I attended Castilleja, an all-girls independent school in Palo Alto. Though I have opted to spend the majority of my life in the Bay Area, I am no stranger to traveling and have a particular fondness of the UK.


other tid bits

As a woman in STEM that attended an all-girls school, I have a very special place in my heart for feminism and the empowerment of women. This was reflected in my involvement with the organization she++ that seeks to encourage high school girls to pursue computer science. I am also an avid reader (find me on Goodreads) and have noticed a definite trend in my interest in female memoirs and books in the "feminism" genre.


Picturing Caroline